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Class Descriptions

Proper technique is key in learning ballet. Let your child experience the foundation of dance at every level, from beginner to pointe, perfecting his or her technique with every class. Our instructors are prepared to give your children  the formal instruction  necessary to build a promising ballet career.

Contemporary dance appeals to the creative, artistic soul in students because it allows the students to express themselves through movement and it allows freedom of individuality. This style of dance has a strong ballet background.

Extreme Stretching.
This class will improve flexibility of dancers and athletes. Our extreme stretch class will bring innovative stretching techniques to our students to improve flexibility, extensions and turnout.

Hip Hop.
Absolute Dance Company owner Brandie Andrews teaches all hip hop classes. The hip hop classes focus on technique, freestyle and choreography. The students will learn waving, gliding, tutting, house styles, beginner breaking, and more! Students will learn technique that they can showcase at weddings and gatherings! In addition to teaching students impressive dance steps, hip hop lessons will help students develop coordination, self expression and cardiovascular health!

Our jazz classes are technique based classes focused on teaching our students the technical aspects of dance such as turns and leaps, properly pointed toes, and flexibility training! This is the perfect class for the dancer who wants to perfect his or her technique but still wants the to experience exciting performance training while working with our professional dancer/choreographer instructor.

Jumps, Leaps and Turns.
This class is a technique class that is dedicated to learning, improving, and perfecting your technique in jumps, leaps and turns! Strech and strengthening is added to this class in order to improve each dancer's power! This class is highly recommended to those dancers who intend to audition for the dance team.

Musical Theatre.
Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that incorporates singing, dancing and acting. Most musical theatre pieces are jazz based, therefore technique will be taught in accordance to a jazz curriculum. Acting will be taught through a series of poem dramatizations, script readings, and improvisation games. Students will be assigned character roles and taught how to portray said roles while performing choreography to well know musicals such as Hairspray, Grease, and West Side Story. No singing experience is necessary for this course but lip singing will be expected when learning and performing pieces.


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