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Absolute Dance Company Summer Tuition

Class Duration
Summer SessionTuition
30 Minute Class
45 Minute Class
60 Minute Class
90 Minute Class
 Summer Dance Passes
Gold Pass, Choose 5 classes Per Week
Platinum Pass, Choose 6 or 7 classes Per Week
Double Platinum Pass, Unlimited Classes Each Week
Beginner Class Summer Tuition
Beginner Ballet
Ballet/Tap Combo
 Magnificat Dance Team Dance Pass
 10 Class Dance Pass
 Summer Registration Fee: Per Family

Dance Passes:
Absolute Dance Company’s Gold and Platinum and Double Platinum Dance Passes offer classes at a greatly discounted rate and are meant to make each student a well rounded, diverse dancer. Dance passes can not be shared between students, they are for individual dancers. Dance passes can not be included in the multiple class discount. 

Summer Tuition and Registration Fee Information:
For example: If I only want to enroll in Thursday’s Ballet Level III from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., my tuition would be $80.00. I would attend this class every Tuesday for the entire 5 week session. Let’s say I purchase a Gold Pass. I can choose any 7 classes that are in my age range/skill level. If I am an advanced dancer I can choose to attend Ballet Level IV on Monday, Advanced Contemporary on Monday, Extreme Stretch on Monday, Conditioning on Thursday, Ballet IV on Thursday and Pointe on Thursday. Our Platinum Pass offers unlimited classes, students can choose their schedule and attend all classes that are in their age range/skill level throughout our session.

Multiple Class Discount:  
10% off of total tuition when enrolling in more than one class. Not to be used in combination with dance passes or for workshops, camps, master classes or intensives. Example: If you enroll in Intermediate Jumps, Leaps & Turns with a tuition rate of $60.00 and Intermediate Jazz with a tuition rate of $70.00, your total due would be $130.00 - (10%)$13.00 = $117.00 tuition.

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